Rawktober Bowl 1

Try These Easy and Fun Rawktober Toppers Yourself!

On our social media sites, we often show bowls with fun, optional toppers on them. Today, we're going to show you how to make some easy Halloween-themed toppers and meals by freezing ingredients in silicone meals to celebrate Rawktober with us.

Joint Health Jack-O-Lanterns

Orange bowl with Pumpkin toppers

Image courtesy of @OurSeattleTails.

Made from puréed pumpkin, turmeric, coconut oil, and black pepper, these adorable jack-o-lanterns can help decrease inflammation and joint stiffness.

Goat Milk Ghosts

Orange bowl with ghost shaped toppers

Image courtesy of @OurSeattleTails.

Made entirely from goat milk poured into an adorable silicone mold and frozen, these cute ghosts add probiotics to your dog’s meals in a form of dairy that’s easier for dogs to digest than cow milk.

Strawberry & Goat Milk Skulls


Image courtesy of @RemiTheCaneCorso.

Antioxidants from the berries plus digestive assistance from the goat milk give these delicious skulls double the benefits.

Ghostly Toppl

Halloween Toppl

Image courtesy of @OurSeattleTails.

Made with We Feed Raw, a small rabbit foot with hair, a limited-ingredient pumpkin cookie, a piece of beef heart, blueberries, and Halloween dog yogurt sprinkles, this Toppl can be frozen for a long-lasting meal or fed as-is.

Hearts for Halloween

Heart Shaped Halloween Lick Mat

Image courtesy of @WildlyFloofy.

Halloween fun doesn't have to be scary! This heart-shaped lick mat is made from Ube spread, pumpkin powder, We Feed Raw frozen in letter molds to spell "Boo," and various Halloween-themed treats.

Boo Bowl

Boo Bowl

Image courtesy of @OurSeattleTails.

Using the Goat Milk Ghosts, Joint Health Jack-O-Lanterns, plus some We Feed Raw frozen into letter shapes and placed on a We Feed Raw base, you can make this adorable Boo Bowl.

If you make any of the bowls we showed you here, be sure to share them on social media and tag @WeFeedRaw!

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