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Meals Their Bodies Are Made For

  • Complete & Balanced nutrition for dogs of all life stages.
  • Sourced from USDA, human-grade meats.
  • No preservatives, artificial flavors, added antibiotics or hormones.*
  • Natural with added vitamins and minerals.
  • Formulated by a Ph.D. animal nutritionist.
  • *Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.
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“I can't even believe there was a time when I was not feeding my dog a raw diet. Since switching her over about 2 years ago she has been in perfect health. She has more lean muscle, healthy teeth, super soft fur, and now only rarely gets skin allergies during certain times of year. Giving her the appropriate nutrition for her body is another form of health insurance. Our experience has inspired others around us to make the switch as well.”
—Jesika B. & Mia
Los Angeles, CA

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Our Story

We Feed Raw is an example of what happens when “love” for pets becomes more than a vague notion, and transforms into something that compels us to actively work to make their lives better. The feeling of community our name conjures up is no coincidence. We are part of the tight-knit raw feeding movement, as well as a family in the most literal sense.

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We Feed Together

“Waya has been eating raw since 7 weeks old. Raw keeps him lean and muscular (even at 120 pounds). For a German Shepherd, he has miraculously no health problems and we feel his joint health is directly related to his raw diet (some of his litter mates grew up to have hip and elbow dysplasia). He also gets super pumped about eating, so much so that he rings a bell to tell us it's dinnertime.”
Brian Z. & Waya
Nashville, TN
“We started feeding him raw at a young age and saw immediate results. Even as he grows out of his puppy stage, his fur has stayed shiny and soft. And his stools are always solid and nearly odorless. We can't imagine feeding him anything else.”
Kaleen S. & Tank
San Francisco, CA
“Before we switched him to raw, he was very allergic and always itchy, even with medicine. His stools were inconsistent and he would often throw up. Now he has no allergies and his poop is solid and odorless! On kibble, he was such a finicky eater, but now he can't wait to eat. He does the happy dance every time he sees his dinner.”
Sunny B. & Mickey
Portland, Maine
“We switched to raw in the hopes that we could cure Kyro's skin allergies. On kibble (even the high-end kind), he was constantly gnawing at his paws and scratching. His paw gnawing was causing him particular discomfort. Once we starting feeding him raw, the change was immediate. No more scratching or itching! We also noticed silkier fur, whiter teeth, and better energy levels. Raw has been a blessing for Kyro. We would never go back to kibble.”
Amanda T. & Kyro
North Cascades, Washington