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Amazing Dog Rescue Stories: Get Your Tissues Ready
In honor of National Rescue Dog Day, we're highlighting three heartwarming stories of dogs who were given a second chance because of the kindness of some awesome humans. Here at We Feed Raw, we often joke that "dogs are the best people," but it turns out some humans are the best people too. Read on for these amazing rescue stories told in the words of the rescuers themselves.
How much raw food to feed your dog
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How Much Raw Food Should You Feed Your Dog
Whether your pet is new to the raw diet or has been enjoying it for years, we have some tips for ensuring they’re getting the right daily portion size. Read on to learn about how much raw food to feed your dog.
How to Transition from Kibble to Raw
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How to Transition Your Dog From Kibble to Raw Food
Switching from kibble to a raw diet can sound overwhelming at first, especially if your pup already has an established diet. However, the benefits of changing from kibble to raw food make it all worth it in the long term. If you’re ready to make the change for your dog, here’s some advice that can help the transition to raw feeding go smoothly.
Tofu the Chow Chow
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The Healthy Dog Glow Up
When dogs go from eating what is essentially junk food to consuming what they're designed to process, the transformations can be jaw-dropping. Here are a couple of before-and-after stories that are guaranteed to boost your mood.
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The Great Grain Debate: Do Dogs Need Grains?
To grain or not to grain, that is the question for many confused pet parents these days. When the FDA released its Grain Free Diet Alert back in 2019, it sent shockwaves through the dog-owning community. Information got misinterpreted, fear-mongering reached an all-time high, and scary news headlines proliferated.
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How to Talk to Your Vet About the Raw Diet
Despite the steady stream of success stories about dogs living longer and better on a raw diet, there are still many allopathic vets who are hesitant to support this way of feeding. So why the disconnect? How can a dog's ancestral diet--one they've been thriving on for millennia--not be supported by the very people trained in dog health management? Let's dig in.
First Place Bowl
Bowls to Brag About
Our customers' show-stopping bowls inspired us to launch our first annual #BowlBrag contest. Feast your eyes on the winning dishes and read on for the ingredients of each. Then recreate these delicious recipes at home.
charlie + claudia
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Just Because You're a Vegan Doesn't Mean Your Dog Should Be.
Deciding to feed a raw diet can be a moral dilemma for people living a meat-free, plant-based lifestyle. So we thought it might help to interview a vegan who has made the leap. Claudia Morris is a We Feed Raw client, vegan chef, and first-time dog mom to Golden Retriever Charlie.
Empty Dog Bowl
5 Raw Dog Food Myths Debunked
Feeding your dog a balanced diet is essential for helping them look and feel their best. But not all dog food is created equal. You may be wondering, “are dogs supposed to eat raw meat?” Today, we're going to be breaking down common raw dog food myths to better understand the benefits of dogs naturally raw feeding.