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hypoallergenic dog food
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What Makes Certain Dog Food “Hypoallergenic”?
Whether your pup has a food intolerance or a true allergy, you’ve likely had to reevaluate their diet. By taking out certain ingredients or animal proteins from your dog’s meals, you can avoid an allergic reaction and help make mealtime enjoyable again.
Golden retriever licking lips eating food from dog bowl
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What Is the Best Dog Food for Allergies?
Just like humans, dogs can develop allergies to certain foods. But, unfortunately, our furry friends can’t always tell us when something isn’t sitting right. That’s why it’s up to us to know how to look for the signs of an allergic reaction or sensitivity and take the steps to find nutritious food alternatives.
How to Transition from Kibble to Raw
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How to Transition Your Dog From Kibble to Raw Food
Switching from kibble to a raw diet can sound overwhelming at first, especially if your pup already has an established diet. However, the benefits of changing from kibble to raw food make it all worth it in the long term. If you're ready to make the change for your dog, here’s some advice that can help the transition to raw feeding go smoothly.
Rhodesian and Bowl of Raw
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What Are the Benefits of Raw Dog Food?
As more and more pet owners become interested in raw diets for their pets, it's important to understand the benefits of raw dog food. Raw dog food can help improve digestion, reduce allergies, and boost immunity. Raw dog food is also high in protein and low in carbohydrates, which is ideal for dogs. Raw dog food also contains essential nutrients and vitamins that are required for a healthy diet.
Bowl of HPP'd Raw food
HPP'd Raw Food: The Safest Choice for Your Pup
HPP, or High Pressure Processing, is a 100% natural non-thermal cold-pressure technology that employs high water pressure to neutralize food-borne pathogens such as Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella in raw meat. It is used by so many reputable raw pet food companies in the U.S. today because it is an all-natural way to reduce harmful bacteria while preserving nutrients.
Young dog chewing on raw meaty bone
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Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat? Yes!
When pet parents first hear about raw food diets for their furry friend, their first thought is often “Can dogs even eat raw meat?” Not only can dogs eat raw meat, they should! Read on to learn more about why you should feed your dog a raw diet.
Golden With Food
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Raw Dog Food for Beginners: What You Need to Know
If you’ve been thinking about switching your pup to raw dog food, you may have a lot of questions, like what is a raw food diet for dogs? Is raw meat good for dogs? What are the benefits of a raw diet for dogs? Is raw meat for dogs safe? Can puppies eat raw food for dogs? Here’s everything you need to know about raw dog food for beginners.
dog food allergy symptoms
8 Most Common Dog Food Allergy Symptoms
Do you think your furry family member might have a food allergy? Just like people, dogs can have an allergic reaction to certain protein sources or ingredients.
Dog dish filled with raw food
Raw Dog Food Diet on a Budget. Really!
There’s a common misconception that raw food diets for pets are impossible to create on a budget. And while it’s true that raw meals are typically more expensive than kibble, there are ways to incorporate raw feeding into your pet’s diet while keeping costs low.