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Dog dish filled with raw food
Raw Dog Food Diet on a Budget. Really!
There’s a common misconception that raw food diets for pets are impossible to create on a budget. And while it’s true that raw meals are typically more expensive than kibble, there are ways to incorporate raw feeding into your pet’s diet while keeping costs low.
A hungry dog looking at his bowl of raw food
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How Much Raw Food Should You Feed Your Dog
Whether your pet is new to the raw diet or has been enjoying it for years, we have some tips for ensuring they’re getting the right daily portion size. Read on to learn about how much raw food to feed your dog.
Kibble and Raw Bowl
Can You Mix Raw Food with Kibble? Yes!
Whether you’re just starting your pup on a raw food diet or have been doing it for ages, you may be curious about adding kibble to the mix. Adding dry foods alongside your pet’s raw meals can be a convenient, cost-effective way to feed your furry family member. But, is it safe?
The Proof Is in the Poop: What Does Dog Poop Look Like on a Raw Diet?
The Proof is in the Poop: What Does Dog Poop Look Like on a Raw Diet?
One of the most important indicators of your pet’s well being is their poop. The color, consistency, and overall look of their excrement can give you an idea if your pup is properly digesting their food and even give you insight into their internal health.
5 Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs
5 Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs
Do you often find your dog chewing on things they’re not supposed to? Whether it’s out of boredom or curiosity, dogs (and especially puppies) use their mouths to explore the world around them.
Toppl filled with healthy food
Must-have Items for Fun Mealtimes
From lick mats and Toppls to cheerful silicone molds and interactive slow-feeders, we've rounded up our favorite raw feeding accessories to add some playfulness and mental stimulation to mealtime. Read on for our staff picks! P.S. They also make great gifts.
How to Transition from Kibble to Raw
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How to Transition Your Dog From Kibble to Raw Food
Switching from kibble to a raw diet can sound overwhelming at first, especially if your pup already has an established diet. However, the benefits of changing from kibble to raw food make it all worth it in the long term. If you're ready to make the change for your dog, here’s some advice that can help the transition to raw feeding go smoothly.
Can dogs eat raw eggs?
Can Dogs Eat Raw Eggs?
Raw eggs are packed with micro and macronutrients, including 6 grams of protein. So, does this make them a good addition to your dog’s diet? Read on to find out if raw eggs are healthy for dogs and tips on how to incorporate them into his or her meal plan.
Healthy Dog Food Toppers
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The Top 5 Immunity Boosting Dog Food Toppers
Ensuring your dog is eating right isn’t always easy. Whether you have a picky eater or one you're trying to wean off addictive kibble, perfecting your dog’s diet can take some work. Luckily, you can add dog food toppers to provide your pup with added nutrients and enhanced flavors to entice them to eat their different (but healthier!) raw meals.