Christmas Tree "Bowl"

Happy Holidays From Our Bowls to Yours!

While our nutritionally complete meals can be fed as-is, some of our customers take things to the next level with show-stopping toppers that also pack a nutritional punch. If you weren’t already in the holiday spirit, these festive Christmas bowls should do the trick. 

Check out these AMAZING holiday recipes (with a full list of ingredients so you can recreate them at home)!

Winter Wonderland Bowl

Blue Snowflake Bowl
  • •Soda Pup Dog Toys Mandala Tray

  • •We Feed Raw Lamb

  • •Holisticanine Blue Spirulina

  • •Goat Milk

  • •Mitten Variety Snowflake Treats

  • •Dog Yogurt “Sprinkles”

Christmas Tree Bowl

Bowl w Christmas Trees
  • •We Feed Raw Duck

  • •Gussy's Gut Probiotic Blend

  • •Peanut Butter + Turmeric

  • •Blue Spirulina + Beet Powder

Family Time Bowl

Christmas Tree "Bowl"
  • •Goat Milk Yogurt

  • •Gussy's Gut Probiotic Blend

  • •We Feed Raw Pupsicles

  • •Blueberries

  • •Turmeric Star Treats

  • •Yogurt “Sprinkles”

Snowflake Bowl

Snowflake Bowl

  • •We Feed Raw Turkey

  • •Kefir Snowflakes

  • •Unsweetened Coconut Flakes

Christmas on the Beach Bowl

Light Blue Honeycomb Bowl
  • •We Feed Raw Lamb

  • •Wild N Fresh Treats Duck Egg Topper

  • •Gussy's Gut Probiotic Blend

  • •Mitten Variety Green Spirulina Leaf Treats

  • •Kairos for Dogs Aronia Berries

  • •Pitaya Mixed With Goat Milk Kefir

  • •Strawberry

Jingle All the Way Bowl

Purple Lick Mat
  • •We Feed Raw Lamb

  • •Wild N Fresh Treats Bison Tongue

  • •Mitten Variety Treats Green Spirulina Leaf Treats

  • •Gussy's Gut Probiotic Blend

  • •Wilder Bites Quail Egg Topper

  • •Pitaya Mixed With Goat Milk

  • •Wulf Snacks Hemoglobin Powder

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