First Place Bowl

Bowls to Brag About

It's not necessary to add anything to your dog's complete + balanced We Feed Raw meals, but do we love to see it? Absolutely!

While your dog will get all the nutrients they need from the food we provide, we totally support adding fresh, whole-food toppers to your dogs' raw bowls. In fact, our customers are so good at incorporating delicious and nutritious ingredients into their dogs' WFR meals, it inspired us to launch our first annual #BowlBrag contest.

Entries were submitted on Instagram; then our followers voted for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. 1st place won a free month of food, 2nd place won 30% off, and 3rd place won 20% off. Read on for the full list of ingredients in all of these show-stopping bowls.

Bowls to Brag About

First Place Bowl

  • •WFR Beef Patty

  • •Raw sardines

  • •Raw quail egg

  • •Raw green-lipped mussels

  • •Hemp seed hearts

  • •Steamed kale

  • •Wild blueberries

  • •Frozen pumpkin puree/kale carrot

  • •Frozen goat milk bunny & "WFR" letters

Contentful Banner (16)

Second Place Bowl

  • •WFR Lamb Patty

  • •Strawberries

  • •Blueberries

  • •Broccoli

  • •Raw egg yolk

  • •Chicken Foot

Contentful Banner (17)

Third Place Bowl (1)

  • •WFR Chicken Patty

  • •Frozen carrots

  • •Frozen cucumber

  • •Frozen mango

  • •Apple

Contentful Banner (18)

Third Place Bowl (2)

  • •WFR Chicken Patty

  • •Hemp seed hearts

  • •Quail egg

  • •Pumpkin puree

  • •Frozen banana (bunny)

  • •Zucchini

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