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What Makes Certain Dog Food “Hypoallergenic”?

Whether your pup has a food intolerance or a true allergy, you’ve likely had to reevaluate their diet. By taking out certain ingredients or animal proteins from your dog’s meals, you can avoid an allergic reaction and help make mealtime enjoyable again.

Read on to learn more about the types of hypoallergenic dog food you can feed your furry friend so you can find the best option for your pup with allergy or stomach issues.

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What Is Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Essentially, hypoallergenic food for dogs is formulated with limited ingredients that your dog is less likely to be allergic to. The experts at Dog Food Advisor explain that, in some instances, hypoallergenic dog foods are even made with hydrolyzed proteins that are undetectable by your dog’s immune system.

Hydrolyzed protein is, put simply, a protein that is split into smaller building blocks of amino acids. They are so small that they often don’t trigger an immune response. This is often recommended by vets if your dog has an allergy to common animal proteins or ingredients.

However, most hypoallergenic dog food recipes simply focus on eliminating common allergens like corn and wheat and focusing on nutritious, easily digestible ingredients. They may also include ingredients like fatty acids, vitamins, and fiber that help to alleviate allergy symptoms.

What About a Limited Ingredient Diet?

Hypoallergenic dog foods are often synonymous with limited-ingredient foods. Many pet owners and veterinarians may recommend an elimination diet or a limited ingredient diet to identify the ingredients your pet is allergic to.

Once you know what your pet is allergic to or has a sensitivity towards, you can find a hypoallergenic dog food that meets their needs. In other words, hypoallergenic dog food is often used as part of a limited-ingredient diet.

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Benefits of Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Switching your pet to hypoallergenic dog food can be incredibly beneficial. Along with avoiding any allergic reactions (and the uncomfortable symptoms associated with them), switching your dog to hypoallergenic food can help:

  • •Improve Digestion: Feeding your dog ingredients that are easy to digest can help with any stomach issues. Many hypoallergenic dog food recipes emphasize whole, natural ingredients your dog is biologically designed to eat and digest. This can lead to less bloating and stomach aches and more regular, smaller, and less smelly bowel movements.

  • •Alleviate Itchy Skin: What your dog eats can drastically affect their skin and coat health. The best hypoallergenic dog food for itchy skin leaves out inflammatory ingredients like wheat and soy and includes more fatty acids and proteins that support a shiny, healthy coat and calm skin.

  • •Improve Urinary Health: If your pup is eating kibble, it can lead to dehydration. The same is true if they’re eating foods they’re sensitive to that result in stomach issues and lack of interest in eating or drinking. A hypoallergenic diet rich in moisture can help reduce the risk of dehydration and bladder stones for your pup.

Even if your furry family member doesn’t have a food allergy, feeding them hypoallergenic dog food can help them look and feel their best.


Types of Hypoallergenic Dog Food

If you take a quick walk down the dog food aisle, you’ll see dozens of hypoallergenic dog food brands. There’s grain-free kibble and hypoallergenic wet food along with fresh dog food made with limited ingredients. You can even find homemade dog food recipes online you can tweak to your dog’s needs.

However, if you’re looking for nutritious, convenient hypoallergenic food for dogs, consider a raw diet that eliminates the ingredients or proteins they’re sensitive to.


Is Raw Dog Food Hypoallergenic?

At We Feed Raw, our limited-ingredient raw dog food can be considered hypoallergenic. Our raw dog food is always made with real ingredients you can recognize: USDA, human-grade meats. No fillers, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors. Ever.

We offer a selection of proteins that serves as the foundation of your dog's individual meal plan, including:

  • •Beef

  • •Turkey

  • •Chicken

  • •Venison

  • •Duck

  • •Lamb

This means if your pup has an allergy or sensitivity to a common allergen like chicken or beef, you can easily find them a tasty and equally nutritious alternative! 

Our recipes are made up of meaty meat (muscle meat and associated connective tissue and fat), organ meat, and bone. We also include a high-quality vitamin and mineral premix for an added boost of nutrition.

Our raw dog food recipe never includes any grains, soy, corn, or other species-inappropriate ingredients that could trigger an allergic response in dogs. And, it’s minimally processed so it reaches your pup’s bowl at its highest digestibility.

Ready to switch your dog to the best hypoallergenic dog food? Get started with We Feed Raw today.

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