Tofu the Chow Chow

The Healthy Dog Glow Up

There are many benefits of switching a dog from a highly processed dry diet to biologically appropriate raw food. In fact, the proof is almost immediately in the poop— one of the first changes pet parents notice is an improvement in stools. Big, smelly, messy poops are replaced with small, firm, less stinky #2s. (Dogs are better able to utilize the nutrients in raw food, resulting in less waste.)

Over time, other notable changes include fresher breath, improved energy, mealtime excitement, a reduction in allergies, better weight control, and a healthier coat.

When dogs go from eating what is essentially junk food to consuming what they're designed to process, the transformations can be jaw-dropping. Here are a few before-and-after stories, complete with photos, that are guaranteed to boost your mood. (Don't worry, we left out the poop examples!)

River the Dalmatian

River the Dalmatian used to have itchy skin, horrible gas, and a coat so thin, some people thought she was hairless! Two and a half months after switching to We Feed Raw, River is healthier than ever and finally has enough fur to shed and leave behind "Dalmatian glitter" everywhere she sits or lays, and her black spots look bolder than ever.

River's Before and After photo

In an Instagram post, River's owner said: "Honestly, I’m shocked! You can see the clearest difference in looking at River’s spots - they used to be bigger and transparent-looking (with a faded ring around them) because her white coat was so thin around the spots. The white of her coat has now grown in and become so much thicker, as well as the black which makes her spots darker!

Huge thank you to @wefeedraw for partnering with us in transitioning River off to raw food - best decision we’ve ever made for her health!"

Tofu the Chow-Chow

Before switching to We Feed Raw, Tofu had been struggling with dry, brittle fur. He was even losing big patches of hair around his neck and chest. To make matters worse, he was constantly getting hotspots, and he couldn't stop gnawing and licking his paws (a common food allergy symptom).

After about a month on We Feed Raw, his symptoms improved dramatically--less shedding, a softer coat, and no more chewing at his paws. His parents even noticed increased energy and the kind of mealtime excitement you usually only see in dog food commercials. But Tofu wasn't acting: he was transforming into a happy, healthy, fluffy guy with a new zest for mealtime.

A year after being on We Feed Raw, he was a changed dog. "Tof is thriving on his raw diet," say his parents. "His coat is soft and his mane is full again."


Tofu's not the only one upgrading from a dry, patchy coat to fur as soft as a cumulus cloud. When we polled customers on how their dogs have changed since switching to We Feed Raw, 88% said their dogs' skin and coat got healthier.

Biologically inappropriate diets and those devoid of proper nutrients lead to inflammation and allergic responses. But clean, raw, bioavailable nutrition allows the body to function optimally, resulting in shiny, picture-perfect coats. Gut health affects skin health and raw-fed dogs have healthy guts.

Chief the Labrador

Chief, aka Mr. Beef, was being fed a popular "fresh, gently cooked" brand mixed with kibble, but he was packing on the pounds. A purebred Lab, his ideal weight is around 85 lbs, but he was weighing in at a whopping 112! His owners were concerned. His vet was concerned.

Then they switched him to We Feed Raw. In about 4 months, he slimmed down to a healthy 96 lbs. "We Feed Raw costs us less money and he's dropped 16 lbs," his owner told us. Chief is happier, healthier, and almost at his goal weight of 85 lbs.


Why Raw Is Best

We hear stories like Chief's every day—dogs who are overweight but are being fed the "directed amount" of dry or other carb-heavy food. You see, a calorie is not just a calorie; it's the way these calories are metabolized in the body that matters. Protein-packed, nutrient-dense, moisture-rich raw diets allow your dog to get the most out of their nutrition.

Raw diets are low in carbs and high in protein and fat (a dog's greatest source of energy), helping dogs lose excess weight (or, in other cases, healthily gain what’s needed). In fact, 90% of our customers said their dogs maintained a healthy weight after switching to We Feed Raw. Carb-heavy commercial pet foods filled with species-inappropriate ingredients are the leading cause of obesity and diabetes in dogs today.

Choosing what to feed your pup is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a dog owner. A complete and balanced raw diet will not only help your dog live longer (studies say as much as 3 years longer!), but it'll also help them live better.

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