Gussy's Gut

Our Favorite Topper of 2023: Staff Pick!

We recently polled our employees to find out their favorite We Feed Raw topper, and there was a clear winner—Gussy’s Gut Fermented Whole Superfood Topper! What is Gussy’s Gut, and what are its benefits? Keep reading to learn all about Gussy’s Gut and why our employees love it, then visit and use code "WFR" to get 10% off your first order.

Gussy's Gut

What Is Gussy’s Gut?

Gussy’s Gut is a fermented, freeze-dried powder made from 19 superfoods that contains 180 powerful nutrients dogs struggle to get from synthetic supplements. Highly digestible and delicious, Gussy’s Gut provides organic 100% whole superfood nutrition, greens, healthy gut, and aging support in each one-teaspoon serving sprinkled on top of or mixed in with your dog’s food.

Gussy's Gut food bowl

Benefits of Gussy’s Gut

Some of the many benefits of Gussy’s Gut include:

  • •Raw, never cooked

  • •Natural diarrhea prevention and symptom reduction

  • •Healthy cell protection

  • •Natural colon and gut protection and support

  • •Made from organic ingredients

  • •Natural anti-tumor protection

  • •Fermented in small batches

  • •Natural anti-pathogenic protection

  • •Freeze-dried to preserve nutrients

  • •Natural antihistamine effects

  • •Naturally shelf stable and food safe

  • •Natural anti-viral protection

  • •Highly concentrated

How to Use Gussy’s Gut

Simply add one teaspoon for every 10-20 pounds of your dog’s body weight to their meals once a day for your pup to enjoy all the nutritional benefits of Gussy’s Gut. You can sprinkle it on top, blend it in, or mix it with water—whatever your dog likes best!

While our We Feed Raw meals are complete and balanced as is and need nothing added to them to ensure your dog is getting everything they need to thrive, we also love a good, nutrient-dense topper. Gussy's Gut works so well with our food because it can be easily mixed in and adds a punch of fermented veggies like they might get from eating the stomach contents of their prey in the wild.

Gussy's Gut Bowl

Employee Testimonials for Gussy’s Gut

Why do our employees love Gussy’s Gut? In their own words, this is why We Feed Raw employees chose Gussy’s Gut as their favorite topper.

"When we first rescued our dog, he was eating a very low-quality kibble. I used Gussy's Gut Daily to help transition him to his new We Feed Raw meals, and it was incredibly helpful! You can smell all the goodness in there and why it must taste so amazing to our dogs. I totally trust this product and recommend it to anyone transitioning their pups from kibble to raw." -Amy, Marketing

"This product is one of the best toppers out there, hands down. It's packed with awesome pre- and probiotics and smells incredible! How many other dog food toppers can you say that about? It's the perfect everyday addition to my dog's We Feed Raw meals. I don't add anything else." -Chauncey, Operations

“We are obsessed with Gussy's Gut in our house. From our young puppies to mature adults, the pups love the taste, and I love the health benefits. The smell is great and super enticing!" -Clarissa, Customer Service

"I adopted my senior dog, Jules, when she was 8 years old. I was worried about how she would handle the transition from cheap kibble to We Feed Raw, but Gussy's Gut helped the transition go smoothly, and now her poops are perfect!" -Jennifer, Marketing

"We are thrilled to have discovered Gussy's Gut for both our pup and our picky princess! Our dogs truly enjoy their meals with all the benefits of superfoods, nutrients for gut health, anti-aging properties, and detoxifying support. Truly unbeatable!" -Mindy, Customer Service

If you’re ready to add this superfood nutrition to your dog’s diet, then visit and use code "WFR" to get 10% off your first order.

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