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Must-have Items for Fun Mealtimes

There’s just something about feeding raw that puts people in the mindset of creating amazing-looking meals for their dogs. Fresh, biologically appropriate raw food is fun to feed in a way that dry dog food just...well, isn't.

Plain and simple, pet parents who feed raw are some of the best pet parents out there. They're always looking for ways to do more for their dogs, and part of that can mean making mealtime an especially fun experience.

From lick mats and Toppls to cheerful silicone molds and interactive slow-feeders, we've rounded up our favorite raw feeding accessories to add some playfulness and mental stimulation to mealtime. Read on for our staff picks! Bonus tip: They also make great gifts.


Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl, Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Medium/Mini, Blue

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We love this slow feeder from Outward Hound because a) it continues to get rave reviews across the internet and b) it slows down fast-feeders in a playful way. With a maze-like pattern, it's virtually impossible to scarf down food and it keep dogs engaged up to 10x longer.


Happy Bowl - Pizza

© 2022 ZippyPaws

The slow-feeder bowls from ZippyPaws are as fun as they come. Choose from a variety of colors and shapes (ice cream cone, pizza slice, pineapple, hamburger, and donut) and offer your dog a stimulating meal that'll also make for a totally Instagrammable photo.


West Paw Toppls

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West Paw Toppls are BPA- and latex-free and a great way to make moderate chewers work for their food. Toppls are, by far, our favorite work-to-eat toy currently on the market. They're designed to tip over playfully, so dogs stay thoroughly entertained. With a wide-mouth opening, they're both easy to fill and clean.


Messy Mutts Silicone Bake & Freeze Treat Making Mold

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These silicone molds from Messy Mutts are probably more fun for the owner than they are for the dog because they're the quickest way to turn a boring bowl into a show-stopping bowl. Fill the molds with everything from pureed pumpkin to bone broth and then freeze. In 1-2 hours, you'll have heart-shaped standalone treats or nutritious toppers your dog will love.



© PawsPlanet AU

Whether you're looking to slow down your pet's eating or just reduce anxiety, this Lukito Lick Mat is one of our favorite items out there. Durable and BPA-free, it's made with a non-slip surface, so it stays fixed in position when your dog is licking. Perfect to feed during stressful times (like 4th of July) or simply as a way to add extra stimulation to meals.

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