Pre-Measured Service

A Taste for Convenience


      • We are the only raw dog food company that offers a pre-measured and tailored custom service delivered for free right to your door.
      • Provide us with your pet’s ideal, adult weight and we plan, portion, package and deliver the food every two weeks or every month.
      • We label each package with your pet’s name, so all you have to do is thaw and feed.
      • It can’t get more convenient, hassle-free, and mess-free than that in one healthy, balanced product.
      • Below are the delivered prices for a monthly order of the Plus Pre-Measured Plan. This plan ships for free!

Pre-measured service includes free shipping.  However, if you add additional items that require another shipping box there will be a shipping charge.  If the extra items fit in the pre-measured box the shipping is still free.

Pet's IDEAL, ADULT weight 


1 - 10 LBS $3.83
11 - 30 LBS $5.09
31 - 40 LBS $5.93
41 - 50 LBS $6.77
51 - 60 LBS $7.61
61 - 70 LBS $8.45
71 - 80 LBS $9.29
81 - 90 LBS $11.08
91 - 100 LBS $13.11
101 - 110 LBS $13.97
110 - 120 LBS $14.83
121 - 130 LBS $15.69
131 - 140 LBS $16.54
141 - 150 LBS $17.40
151 - 160 LBS $18.26
161 - 170 LBS $19.11
171 - 180 LBS $20.00
181 - 190 LBS $20.87
191 - 200 LBS $21.50



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Our diet consists of 2 parts: raw meaty bones and patties with organ meat. We also offer patties with bone ground-in as another option. This is an excellent alternative for dogs with missing teeth or elderly dogs. The first week is just poultry-variety raw meaty bones. We introduce items slowly to make sure there are no allergies, to prevent diarrhea, and to get your dog or cat used to eating raw food, while also getting you used to feeding it. Poultry bones are the easiest bones to crunch and eat since they are so pliable, flexible, and soft.

The second week, we introduce the patties or whole meat, which will have another protein. E.g., pork, turkey, or beef. The meals have the correct proportions of meat, organ meat, and bone present in the components of a Prey Model Raw (PMR) diet, which is based on 80% meat, 10% organ meat (half of which is liver), and 10% edible bone. Our meat is all natural, 100% USDA inspected and approved, with minimal processing, and fit for human consumption. As the diet progresses, we slowly introduce more variety.

The best part is that you do not have to deal with the mess of processing raw meat, wondering if you are feeding the right amount, or spending hours weighing out 2 weeks worth of food yourself. This service is great for anyone who wants the benefits of feeding raw, while also enjoying the convenience of having everything prepared for you.

Our food is made-to-order and we tailor everything individually to your pet. If you ever decide to stop the service please give us a 2 week notice, since everything is personalized it will save us a lot of time and materials, because we label and measure out everything specifically for your companion animal.

We look forward to making your life easier, while giving your dog or cat the best and healthiest diet possible -- a species appropriate diet!

Email us at if you have any other questions. 

*Please note that you are required to give us a 2 week notice if you want to cancel Auto-Delivery for the Pre-Measured service. You are financially responsible for the order if you decide to cancel after that point. We make everything custom and when someone is signed up for Auto-Delivery we do make the orders automatically, so we need a 2 week notice if there is a cancellation and you are financially responsible for the order if it is cancelled in a shorter time frame than 2 weeks.