Healthy Dog Food Toppers

The Top 5 Immunity Boosting Dog Food Toppers

As a pet parent, you want to do everything you can to ensure your dog lives a long, healthy life. And that means feeding your pup a balanced diet with all the right nutrients they need to stay active and keep their immunes systems in top-notch condition.

Ensuring your dog is eating right isn’t always easy. Whether you have a picky eater or one you're trying to wean off addictive kibble, perfecting your dog’s diet can take some work. Luckily, you can add dog food toppers to provide your pup with added nutrients and enhanced flavors to entice them to eat their different (but healthier!) raw meals.

Benefits of Dog Food Toppers

Dog food toppers are as straightforward as they sound. They can range from liquids such as bone broth to fresh veggies and freeze-dried superfoods.

You can add healthy dog food toppers to your dog’s meals to:

  • •Help in the transition from kibble to raw. Adding other flavors and scents can appeal to picky eaters and entice them to try their healthy new raw food.

  • •Address specific ailments. Some dogs may need extra supplements added to their meals for health reasons or you may choose to add supplements that support things like healthy bones or a shiny coat.

  • •Improve digestibility. Some dogs have sensitive digestive systems and do well with tummy-soothing toppers, like a good probiotic or canned pumpkin.

Are Toppers For Dog Food Necessary?

While dog food toppers can be a good addition to your pup’s meals, they shouldn’t be used to correct nutritional deficiencies among healthy dogs. Experts agree that your priority should be providing them with a balanced diet with all the nutrients they need.

At We Feed Raw, your dog will get all the nutrients they need to thrive from the raw food we provide. There are no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors in our meals. We also include a high-quality vitamin and mineral premix for an added boost of nutrition.

Our food is complete and balanced for dogs of all life stages, including the growth of large-breed puppies. While it’s not necessary to add dog food toppers to our raw meals, you may choose to use them depending on your preference and your pup’s palate.

Best Dog Food Toppers for Immunity

When it comes to raw dog food toppers, these fresh, whole-food additions can be great for supporting your pup's immune system.

1. Canned Pumpkin

Plain, canned, organic pumpkin is one of the best toppers for dog food out there. Not only is it easy to find in the grocery store and keep on hand, but it’s also packed with nutrients and fiber, helping to regulate the digestive system. (It helps correct both constipation and loose stools!) Pumpkin is low in calories and sodium but high in antioxidants that support eye health, healthy skin, fur, and the immune system.

It’s recommended to serve your dog 1 tsp of plain canned pumpkin per day per 10 lbs of body weight.

2. Fresh Vegetables

Some of our customers will choose to add their own veggies to their dog's WFR meals, and that's moderation. Our Ph.D. nutritionist suggests no more than a 5-8% veggie inclusion. 

With dogs, plant matter usually passes out as part of the stool, undigested. In other words, dogs can't break down plant matter the way humans can. Their bodies have to work much harder to do it. If you do decide to include veggies such as carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and green beans, we recommend pureeing them to help aid in digestion. (Dogs do not have natural cellulase, an enzyme that helps to break down fiber, so pureeing them does the trick.)

3. Sardines

These small fish are another convenient and delicious raw dog food topper. They are an amazing source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and coenzyme Q10.

Sardines also contain less mercury compared to larger fish, making them a safer choice for your pet. The fatty acids and amino acids can support your pup’s health by decreasing inflammation and reducing the risk of illness.

4. Phytoplankton

These single-celled organisms contain nearly every nutrient your dog needs to live a healthy life. Along with being packed with nutrients, phytoplankton can aid your dog’s digestion, support their liver, and help ward off disease.

5. Raw Egg

Raw eggs, shell and all, are chock full of protein and vitamins for your pup. They can make a great dog food topper. No need to worry about the eggshell cutting your pet's insides. Wolves and coyotes of the wild have been raiding bird nests for millions of years. A dog's stomach acid softens the shell edges, and additional routine digestion (enzymes, pH, muscular contraction) ensures eggshell serves as a nutritious ingredient.

When you feed your dog a raw diet, it's totally fine to add a small amount of your preferred probiotic, prebiotic, fish oil, or omega-3 oil to their meal. However, we advise that you don't add a multivitamin because we already include a high-quality vitamin and mineral mix in our recipes. 

Learn more about the benefits of feeding your dog a raw diet.

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