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Raw Dog Food Diet on a Budget. Really!

There’s a common misconception that raw food diets for pets are impossible to create on a budget. And while it’s true that raw meals are typically more expensive than kibble, there are ways to incorporate raw feeding into your pet’s diet while keeping costs low. Read on to learn our favorite tips and tricks for feeding your dog a raw diet on a budget — it’s easier than you think!

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Tips for a Raw Dog Food Diet on a Budget

Creating an affordable raw dog food diet is surprisingly easy when you know where to start.

Here are some ways you can feed your pet high-quality fresh foods while saving money in the long run.

Use it as a topper or base

You don't have to feed your dog 100% raw to see the benefits. Adding even 25% raw food to your dog’s diet can have life-changing health benefits. So, adding some raw food to your dog’s diet is better than none and is a great way to save money.

Consider using raw pet food as a topper or base for dried dog food to stretch it further. This can help make mealtime more nutritious and enticing for your furry friend. You can even be inspired with more affordable dog food toppers that add extra nutrients to your pet’s diet.

Buy in bulk

If you want your dog to experience the benefits of a raw diet without committing to a recurring monthly expense, consider buying your raw food in bulk. At We Feed Raw, we offer 5 lb bulk patties and Essential Boxes, which people can order as needed without signing up for a subscription.

These patties are made from the same high-quality meats as our meal plan patties with all of the correct ratios of meaty meat, organ, and bone, but are more cost effective. Simply keep them frozen, thaw the meat before mealtime, and measure out each meal using a regular kitchen scale for perfect portions.

Choose affordable proteins

While there may be no explicit budget raw dog food brand, you can save money by choosing more affordable yet still incredibly nutritious proteins for your pup. You can find raw dog food recipes made from lamb, venison, and duck, but chicken and beef are often the most affordable recipes (and just as delicious).

Customize your meal plan

When creating an affordable raw dog food diet for your pet, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. You can create a custom budget-friendly raw dog food plan by aiming to feed your pet 25%, 50%, or 75% raw.

Having a goal in mind for how much raw you want to incorporate into your pet’s diet can help you budget better.

Think of long-term benefits

Finally, we can’t overlook how raw food can benefit your pet’s overall health in the long run. While feeding raw can be an investment, it may mean fewer vet bills down the line. Your pup is anatomically designed to derive their nutrients from raw animal protein, fat, and bone. Plus, raw foods contain naturally occurring enzymes that help protect teeth and gums.

Raw food, no matter the quantity, is an investment in your pet’s health!

Can I Make My Own Budget Raw Dog Food?

It may be tempting for pet parents to create their own budget-friendly raw dog food at home. After all, there always seems to be ground beef and chicken for sale in bulk at the grocery store.

However, this isn't recommended. Simple ground meat found at the grocery store is not nutritionally balanced for your dog. Dogs require the correct ratios of muscle meat, organ meat, bone, plus added vitamins and minerals. These meats are meant to be cooked for human consumption and lose the bioavailability your pet requires.

So while the chicken breasts and ground beef at the supermarket may seem like great deals, your pet needs a raw diet that’s the proper balance of meaty meat (muscle meat and associated connective tissue and fat), organ meat, and raw bone.

Raw Diet on a Budget From We Feed Raw

It’s never too late to begin investing in raw dog food on a budget. Depending on the size and needs of your dog, you can start swapping a few fresh meals into their diet for as little as $4 per day.

At We Feed Raw, we offer nutritionally balanced raw meals for your furry friend, including bulk patties and boxes perfect for your budget. Check out our bulk dog food products for a great deal.

Ready to find raw dog food on a budget? With multiple meal plans available, you can begin feeding your dog raw at a price that works for you!

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